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Vasiloff Stained Glass provides a variety of stained glass services including custom designs, doors, window panels, beveled and etched glass, cabinet inserts, specialty art pieces and more. With 40 years of experience producing custom stained glass projects, you can trust Vasiloff Stained Glass to deliver the quality you expect.

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Custom & Specialty

Custom designs of your choice can be created from your own ideas, pictures from our portfolio or from a variety of "idea" books in our studio. Glass colors can be chosen from hundreds of sample choices. Finished pieces can be installed with "clips" or moldings over existing insulated units.

Reasons such as diffusing bright light, having privacy issues with sidelights, and cutting costs of expensive curtains are common reasons to purchase a decorative glass panel.

If your home is not permanent, such as a rental or dorm room, a panel can be simply hung in front of a stationary window. In new construction or renovations, a newly installed stained glass transom with coordinating colors will add a new depth of beauty to the area.

Churches & Religious

Traditional religious panels or nondenominational tranquil themes can be created for new construction. Older existing pieces can be restored to their original beauty or repaired.

See Restoration & Repair for more information.

Beveled Glass

Many clients enjoy the look of a "beveled" glass window. Bevels are a group of clear or frosted 3/16" hand cut pieces that are machined with a polished edge. Together they create a design or subject that compliments the space. The stained glass window is then designed around this bevel cluster using either textured clears of subtle colors.

This choice seems to give a more contemporary and elegant look to the room, keeping the concept more neutral.

Etched Glass

Etching glass is a process of sandblasting a permanent design onto a clear glass panel. As in the stained glass process, there are many designs to choose from. This process is "colorless" and attracts many potential customers.

The finished decorative panel is installed, like the stained glass, over the existing insulated unit or into a designated opening.

Cabinet Inserts

With all the emphasis on kitchens these days, cabinet inserts are quite popular. Any cabinet opening can be filled with a stained or etched glass design of your choice, or just a panel of textured clear or restoration glass. There are many selections to choose from.

This glass insert can coordinate and add final decorating touches to any new or renovated kitchen, especially if the cabinet is backlit.

Art Pieces

Finished works of Vasiloff Stained Glass has been displayed in many local art galleries and events for over 40 years. Living in Old Lyme, Connecticut, which has always been known as an artist community, has encouraged us with this emphasis.

Within this art realm, there is a freedom to experiment with our style and designs.

Restoration & Repair

There are two distinct methods when repairing leaded and stained glass. The first method is the restoration of leaded antique pieces. Through the years there is a natural deterioration process beginning with the drying of the old grout in the lead channel, especially if the piece has been exposed to the elements having no protective glass.

With the absence of this grout or cement, the piece can actually "bow" and "bend", causing the antique glass piece to break. The longer the piece exists in this condition, the more extensive the repair can be.

The second method of repair is on the newer copper foil breaks. These repairs are less costly since each piece of glass can be repaired separately.

All repairs and restorations need to be visualized for estimate purposes since each piece is so unique.